Merge Requests streamlined for GitLab.

GitPig is a cross-platform desktop app for managing GitLab merge requests. Stop @-mentioning your teammates and earn their respect.

chore: @channel @here @everyone

Just now

feat: need review NOW

3 days ago

ci: @here @channel review

5 hours ago

style: css-in-js is the future

3 years ago

fix: oopsie daisy <3 <3 <3

1 hour ago

ci: committing secrets key lol

1 month ago

chore: i quit my job good luck to you

5 days ago

feat: i am not paid enough for this

9 hours ago

style: how do i css lmao

3 days ago

release: i broke the app but please review

5 hours ago

feat: i mentioned you on slack

1 hour ago

feat: merge dis lol

Just now

ci: i just want to go home

1 month ago

fix: my pay is so bad lol

10 months ago

style: mum made me do it

12 days ago

chore: @deb @pat @susie

5 days ago

docs: do not holiday until you review

Just now

feat: check microsoft teams

3 days ago

fix: devteam is so toxic

2 hours ago

ci: we had a 4pm meeting @bill

5 hours ago

revert: the others devs hate me

2 months ago

refactor: sorry for wasting your time

6 days ago

fix: @dev-team @company halp

1 hour ago

feat: omg lmao

1 month ago

chore: @channel i am not feeling well

5 days ago

revert: omg review now please @everyone

Just now

chore: stop waiting for the end of the animation

Just now

revert: everyone is against me

3 days ago

refactor: smol smol fix promise

5 hours ago

feat: @devs @product @design @everyone

2 days ago

chore: stop waiting for this to end

4 seconds ago

style: css-in-js-in-css-in-js

3 days ago

feat: final final final v3

1 year ago

Cross-platform to maximise developer happiness

But if something is not working, please don't crucify me over my weekend hack job. I'm just trying to make a living.

Cross-Platform support for all major operating systems

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    • Is it free for personal use?

      Yes, you can use it for free as long as it is not for business use. But I also probably won’t stop you if you do.

    • I am having trouble working with Linux?

      Cross-platform support is tougher than I thought for Linux distros. I will do my best, but please flag any issues on the public repo.

    • This is for GitLab, but your repo is on GitHub?

      Yes, I use GitLab at work and wanted a solution for this problem.

    • How can I support?

      Any donations are well and truly appreciated. You can also support by spreading the word.